Actas Dermo-Sifiliográficas (English Edition) Actas Dermo-Sifiliográficas (English Edition)
Current number
May 2017
Vol. 108. Num. 4.
Pages e27-e32
Pages 1-388

Actas Dermo-Sifiliográficas, founded in 1909, is the oldest monthly medical journals published in Spain. In the year 2006 has been indexed in the Medlinedatabase, and has become a vehicle for expressing the most current Spanish medicine and modern.

All articles are subjected to a rigorous process of revision in pairs, and careful editing for literary and scientific style. Together with the classic Original and Clinical Case Study sections, we also include Reviews, Case Diagnoses, and Book Reviews

Dermo-Sifiliográficas is an essential publication for anyone who needs to be current on all aspects of Spanish and world dermatology.

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Vol. 108. Num. 4. May 2017 Pages 1-388
This is the first issue available in English language
Update on Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia
L. Esteban-Lucía, A.M. Molina-Ruiz, L. Requena
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:293-304
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Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Ixekizumab for Treatment of Psoriasis
A. Azevedo, T. Torres
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:305-14
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Practical Dermatology
Chemical Peeling: A Useful Tool in the Office
M. Truchuelo, P. Cerdá, L.F. Fernández
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:315-22
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Editorial Comments
Psoriasis, Metabolic Syndrome, and Systematic Reviews
M.A. Descalzo
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:323
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Original article
Association of Psoriasis and Metabolic Syndrome in Latin America: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
M.J.M. Rodríguez-Zúñiga, F. Cortez-Franco, E. Quijano-Gomero
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:326-34
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Changes in the Incidence of Skin and Lip Cancer Between 1978 and 2007
E. Martín García, S. Arias-Santiago, S. Serrano-Ortega, A. Buendía-Eisman
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:335-45
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Management of Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria in Routine Clinical Practice Following the EAACI/GA(2)LEN/EDF/WAO Guidelines
I. Marín-Cabañas, L. Berbegal-de Gracia, F. de León-Marrero, P. Hispán, J.F. Silvestre
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:346-53
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Differences Between Men and Women in Chronic Scratching: A Psychodermatologic Study in Lichen Simplex Chronicus
R. Martín-Brufau, C. Suso-Ribera, C. Brufau Redondo, J. Corbalán Berná
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:354-60
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e- Case Report
Eccrine Porocarcinoma: Patient Characteristics, Clinical and Histopathologic Features, and Treatment in 7 Cases
A. Gómez-Zubiaur, S. Medina-Montalvo, M.D. Vélez-Velázquez, I. Polo-Rodríguez
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:e27-32
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Case for Diagnosis
Hyperkeratotic Subungual Tumor
D. Ayala, V. Puglia, E. Jordá
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:361-2
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Nodular Peristomal Lesions
I. Latour-Álvarez, E. García-Peris, M.M. Pestana-Eliche, M. García-Bustínduy
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:363-4
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Resident's Forum
RF- Are the New Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents Effective for Treating the Cutaneous Manifestations of Hepatitis C?
D. Morgado-Carrasco, X. Fustà-Novell, S. Podlipnik, P. Giavedoni
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:365-6
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Images in Dermatology
What Lies Beneath: Acropachy Hiding Subungual Osteochondroma
M. Galán-Gutierrez, F. Ramos Pleguezuelos, R. Ruiz-Villaverde
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:367
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Asymptomatic Hyperpigmented Lesions on the Areolas of a Pediatric Patient
E. Rodríguez-Lomba, I. Molina-López, M. Campos-Domínguez
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:368
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Case and Research Letters
Atypical Ulcerated Lesions in a Patient With Cogan Syndrome
G. Solano-López, A. Montes-Torres, E. Tomero, J. Fraga, D. De Argila, E. Daudèc)n
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:369-71
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Pilot Study to Evaluate Postsurgical Dehiscence After Continuous Suture by Tissue Planes
J. Tercedor-Sánchez, A. Martinez-Lopez, I. Pérez-López, R. Ruiz-Villaverde
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:371-2
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Need to Screen for Chagas Disease and Strongyloides Infestation in Non-endemic Countries Prior to Treatment With Biologics
J. González-Ramos, M.L. Alonso-Pacheco, M. Mora-Rillo, P. Herranz-Pinto
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:373-5
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Basal Cell Carcinoma in Young Adults
J. Garcias-Ladaria, F.J. Morales-Morato, M. Cuadrado Rosón, V. Rocamora
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:376-7
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Genital Vitiligo-like Hypopigmentation After Treatment With 5% Imiquimod
P. García-Montero, J.B. Repiso Jiménez, M.T. Fernández Morano, M. de Troya Martín
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:378-80
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Exogenous Ochronosis in Facial Melasma
M.E. Córdova, D.O. Pérez-Rojas, A.D. López-Marquet, R. Arenas
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:381-3
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Efficacy and Safety of Omalizumab in a Patient With Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria and Active Hepatitis B Virus Infection
P. Chicharro, P. Rodríguez-Jiménez, D. de Argila
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:383-4
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Giant periurethral condyloma acuminata in a 2-year-old girl: Successful treatment with carbon dioxide laser
X. Calderón-Castrat, S. Blanco, J.C. Santos-Durán, M. Roncero-Riesco
Actas Dermosifiliogr 2017;108:385-7
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